Shanghai Haopeng
Food Processing Machinery

Product Detail

Fruit washing system

Code 01 Material SUS304
Brand Haopeng

Air-blowing & WashingChannel

Dimension:3000*1000 (L*W)

Capacity:0.5-3 tons/ hour

Waterrequired: 1~10 tons/hour

Power: 3Kw

Mainstructure with SUS 304 Stainless Steel

Airblower with high power, feeding the air from the bottom

Perforatedstainless steel baffle plate separates the fruit with dirt


Aplastic scraper elevator to convey fruits to the sorting machine

Sprayingwater nozzles equipped on the elevating part

Waterconsumption: 1tons/hour

Fruit Sorting Table

Power: 3Kw,

with mechanical speed variation

Capacity:0.5-3 tons per hour                    

SUSrolling wheel, against clamping the fruit design

Drivingchain for the fruit transport rollers driven a mechanical

speed variator

Operationplatform included

Emergencystop button avoids the accident

Againstfruit clamping design and water-penetrating structure