Shanghai Haopeng
Food Processing Machinery

Product Detail

Date plam processing line

Code 09 Material SUS304
Brand Haopeng

Suitable for all kindsof dates(palm date, red date), hawthorn processing, can produce dried date, dryfresh date, date powder, date juice, juice concentrate. This production line ismainly composed of air blower, sorter, grading machine, air drier, destonner, smasher,extraction tank, clarifier, sterilizer and filler. This production line design featuresadvanced design idea, high degree of automation; Main equipments are all madeof high quality food grade stainless steel, accords with the hygienicrequirements of food processing.

Systematic characteristics:

²  Capacity varies from 1tons/dayto 60tons/day.

²  Able to fruit withsimilar processing characteristics such as palm date, red date, hawthorn.

²  After cleaning,drying, classification can be processed into plastic bags of dried fruit, or beprocessed into doypack after crushing and sieving.

²  Can be made into juiceand concentrated juice after extraction, destonning, pulping,  enzymatic hydrolysis, separation, concentrationand sterilization.

²  The whole productionprocess controlled by PLC, electrical components are all imported products, as aresult to save labor and greatly reduce operating technical difficulties.

²  Low temperature vacuumconcentration, guarantees the nutrients and flavor, and greatly save energy.

²  Tubular sterilizationand aseptic filling to guarantee the product aseptic condition.

²  Build-in CIP system tomake clean easy

²  Material contact partof the whole system is 304 stainless steel material, fully meets the foodhygiene safety requirements.

Technical specifications:

Raw material

Fresh(or dry) palm date, red  date, hawthorn

Finished product

Dry fruit,dry fresh date, fruit powder, fruit juice, juice concentrate

Capacity range

3tons/day to 500tons/day

Brix of juice


Brix of concentrate


Package options

Doypack/ aseptic bag/glass  bottle/PET bottle

Design capacity

According to clients’  requirements