Shanghai Haopeng
Food Processing Machinery

Product Detail

Aseptic filling machine

Code 14 Series AP-200
Material SUS304 Brand Haopeng


Steam: 50KG/H, 0.6MPa

CompressedAir: 0.3M3/Min,0.6MPa


Net Weight: 1900KG

TriowinAseptic Filler, used special designed devices with Italian technology, couldeasily guarantee the whole filling processing aseptic.

Filling Chamber iskept high temperature by steam as over 95, which means aaseptic chamber all the time. When operator get the aseptic bag spout into thechamber, the spout would be sterilized by steam for few seconds, and thefilling pipe too. These steps can highly guarantee a aseptic filling.

Allflanges in the machine are special designed with steam protection, making surethe product in the pipe keeping aseptic.

Theproduct hose, which is made in Italy,and approved by FDA in USA,is being used in the equipment, helping the filling head moving smoothly ifneeded. The hose could be used in high temperature as 120,and high pressure as 10Bar(1.0MPa), which means SIP is easy and safe.

Thewhole machine is controlled by PLC in the control cabinet. All filling stepswould be performed automatically, all operator need to do is just put the bagspout into the chamber, and press the START button. In the meantime, all stepsare being checked by proximity switches, making sure all steps could beperformed one by one.

Allparts working in the machine are from known brands with excellent and reliableperformance, such as AirTAC cylinder, Spirax/sarco steam valves, which couldguarantee stable and long production time.

Operatorcould control the machine using the touch-screen very easily. All parametersare displayed on the screen and could be changed. SUS304 stainless steelcabinet, IP54 protection, all elements are made by known company, Siemens PLC,Schneider Touch-Screen, Omron elements, etc.