Shanghai Haopeng
Food Processing Machinery

Détail produits
Destoner& Pulper
Numéro de série: 03 Matière: SUS304
Marque: Haopeng

Capacity :0.5-3T

Enucleationspeed: 300-860r/min

Pulpingspeed: 860r/min


The machine ismainly suitable for the separation of a pre-boiled/pre-cooked stone-fruit, suchas mango, peach, apricot and plums, which is consist of below 3 devices:

Fruit-break Device:Processing material forced feeding by a fruit-break device after dropping intothe hopper through an elevator. Material is squeezed and broken between twoplum-type rollers, which will reduce the destonering pressure of the next stagepulping. The gap between two rollers is from 20 to 40mm. During fruit-breakprocess, the roller is in soft state to prevent core damage effectively.

Crushing and Destonering Device: Afterfruit-breaking, material is conveyed to crushing blade, thin pulp on the coreis separated from the core by high-speed scraper rotating. Juice, pulp in thematerial fall into the second stage pulping through the sieve because ofcentrifuge force (Pore size will be customized by the core size). Fruit stonesare discharged by slag blade. Then the pulp and the stone are separatedautomatically. Frequency control of motor speed in accordance with differenttypes of stone-fruit or the maturity percentage of the material to prevent thefruit-stone from being crushed.

Pulping/RefiningDevice: When thedestonered pulp and peels flow into a cavity, the material is moved to thescraper and the sieve homogeneously by the blade cutting between materialsplitting set an pulp receiving set. Because of the scraping rotating and leadangle, the material is moved in a spiral shape. Then the material is crushedinto small pieces, forming juice and puree, conveyed to the next workingprocedure via the sieve. By adjusting the lead angle size and the gap betweenthe scraper and the sieve can change the pulping speed. Also by changinganother sieve size can obtain a satisfactory result.