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Falling film evaporator
Numéro de série: 07 Matière: SUS304
Marque: Haopeng

The falling film evaporator is very suitable for all kinds ofjuice

concentration. The juice would be heated and evaporated when it

fall down through heating tubes, and then separate out thevapor in


Vacuumpump keeps the high vacuum in chambers and tubes, so the

temperature of product would stay low. Low evaporating

temperature and short time staying in the machine, maintainthe

high quality and good taste of juice.

Multi-effect design can save live steam a lot by using the vapor

separated out of the juice for heating the juice again innext effect.

The cooling water for condensed the vapor from last effectwould be

saved a lot too.

In the tubular condenser, vapor from last effect and coolingwater

are flowing separately, which can protect the cooling towerwater

from contamination.

All material contacting product is made of SUS304 stainlesssteel. And all junctions and

connections are weld very well and polished smoothly.

The whole system is controlled by PLC, operator could controlthe equipment very easily, all

parameters, like temperatures, vacuums, flows (if it has),brix, etc, are displayed on the touch-

screen, and could be changed quickly and easily as you need.

All parts in the equipment, are made by known companies, likeDurrex rotor pumps, Spirax/sarco

steamvalves, Yokogawa level sensor, Maselli refractometer, Siemens PLC, Danfossinverter,

Schneider Touch-Screen, etc, which can guarantee a longworking life.