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Tubular&Plate& Tube in Tube sterilizer
Numéro de série: 08 Matière: SUS304
Marque: Haopeng

1. Buffer Tank

Volume: 300L

SUS304 stainless steel, single layer, polished inside andoutside.

2. Main Machine

Capacity: 20-5000L/H

Power: 11Kw

Steam: 120Kg/H, 0.6MPa

Cooling Water: 20T/H, 32in

Dimension: 7500*2700*2900mm (L*W*H)

Inlet temperature: 50-60

Sterilizing temperature: 108-110

Sterilizing Time:120S

Product out Temp: 45

Main pipes of heating and cooling part, are consist of 4layers of SS pipes with different diameters as Tube-In-Tube, which isespecially suitable for viscous product, like paste, jam, sauce, juice withfruit dice, etc.

High pressure piston pump makes sure the product flowingeasily, frequency conversion would control capacity smoothly.

All flanges in the aseptic stage are special designed withsteam protection, which could guarantee the aseptic product more.

The machine is controlled by PLC, operator could control themachine using the touch-screen very easily. All parameters are displayed on thescreen and could be changed.

Auto CIP and SIP are available.

All parts working in the sterilizer are from known brandswith excellent and reliable performance, which could guarantee stable and longproduction time.

3. Control Cabinet

Dimension: 800*600*1800mm (L*W*H)

SUS304 stainless steel cabinet, IP54 protection, all elementsare made by known company, Siemens PLC, Danfoss inverter, SchneiderTouch-Screen, etc.